Alex Andrews

Alex Andrews

Social Media Manager


Alex is passionate about communication and believes that it is the key to all good relationships.  After studying journalism and media studies at Rutgers University, Alex took time off and backpacked across the country.  On her journey, she fell in love with the nature and vast geographical differences across the great state of Texas.  She now calls Texas home.

7 Interesting Facts

  1. She loves her vegetable garden and is a vegan, embracing a healthy lifestyle.
  2. She cannot start her day without a yoga class.
  3. She has a Hemingway Cat named Tai, who doesn’t like closed doors.
  4. She has run six marathons and plans to run another soon.
  5. She is left-handed.
  6. Loves her MINI, especially with the top down during the summer.
  7. She never passes up climbing a good tree.