BrandUSA Designs is an Austin, Texas company.

We are proud of our unique heritage and Team of highly creative Texas developers and designers.

The BrandUSA Team works collaboratively to deliver the ultimate in full service web management and web design services.  Take a moment to meet all of us.  We were hired to complement each other… and for our natural charisma.

Dorian Grey
Chief Executive Officer
Dorian is an inherently talented visionary. He is completely self-taught in the fields of web development, web design,
Jackie Flesher
Sr. Content Strategist
Jackie thrives in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital writing & storytelling.  Through data, research, and her
Jill Sullivan
Sr. Content Editor
Jill graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication followed by a Master’s Degree
Cindy Lathrop
Technical Writer
Cindy considers technical documentation the Bees Knees - crisp, fresh, with a touch of honey. She believes that
Kaci Meyers
Kaci likes to consider herself a Texas native, even though she grew up in Canada.  Kaci draws on
Jackson Davy
Jackson believes that you never stop learning, and that especially holds true in the digital world.  He holds
Alex Andrews
Social Media Manager
Alex is passionate about communication and believes that it is the key to all good relationships.  After studying