Cindy Lathrop

Cindy Lathrop

Technical Writer


Cindy considers technical documentation the Bees Knees – crisp, fresh, with a touch of honey. She believes that technical writing plays a key role in how effectively a company’s products are received and used by its customers. Cindy’s expertise in finance, governmental agencies, small and large manufacturing, legal, and healthcare industries are invaluable to her work. She is an avid outdoorswoman, and at the end of a long week, she loves to spend time in the country with her family.

7 Interesting Facts

  1. She loves any color of plaid.
  2. She owns five pairs of snow boots.
  3. She has an affinity for good Margaritas.
  4. She is a TETRIS Champion.
  5. She has lived in 7 states.
  6. She cannot live without garden-fresh veggies.
  7. She thinks that she’s a comedian; she is her comic relief.