Jackson Davy

Jackson Davy



Jackson believes that you never stop learning, and that especially holds true in the digital world.  He holds a degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio in Information Systems. He loves binge working with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a Bottle of Coke, but it has to be a glass bottle or it just doesn’t taste the same.  When not in his office, Jackson can be found paddle boarding with his pooch or at the nearest BBQ joint.

7 Interesting Facts

  1. He secretly keeps a stash of Snickers in his bottom desk drawer.
  2. He never forgets to double knot his shoes.
  3. Every Fall, he goes backpacking in the Rockies with his pooch.
  4. He is a vintage gamer and loves Pac-Man.
  5. He has more than fifty hoodies in his closet.
  6. He is a sucker for Texas BBQ
  7. He loves water sports of any kind.